“What has Joe Biden touched that he hasn’t bungled”: Ex-Bush Spox Ari Fleischer Calls Out Biden

The White House press secretary under George W. Bush and current Fox News contributor, Ari Fleischer, called out President Joe Biden over his underwhelming performance.

Fleischer said: “I think it’s fair to say when you look at Joe Biden’s career, what has Joe Biden touched that he hasn’t bungled?

“Whether it was withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he bungled the withdrawal. You remember when he was asked over July 4th of that year, what was happening with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan? And he said I don’t want to talk about that.

“Let’s talk about happy things. It’s July 4th weekend.

“And then days later, Kabul fell to the Taliban. Joe Biden is acquiescing America’s strength. And America doesn’t do that. 

“The last president who did that was Jimmy Carter. 

“The era we live in now, Sean, feels an awful lot to me like the late seventies – the Jimmy Carter era – which don’t forget was followed by morning in America, by Ronald Reagan, by strength, and by leadership.

“Nothing Joe Biden is bungling can’t be reversed if America elects the right people. 

“Our country has always been built on strength. 

“Not fear, but strength. Our adversaries need to know it,” he said.