WH Press Corps Turns On Biden, Demands Joe Take Unscripted Questions: “The administration’s continued efforts to limit access to the president cannot be defended”

The DC media has turned on president Joe Biden at the worst time for the least popular president in polling history. And to Ron Klain’s horror, they want Biden to start taking unscripted questions from reporters who are not pre-selected by staff.

We all know that would be a disaster but hiding Biden in the basement didn’t work out too well either so it is time to let the nation see Joe Biden be Joe Biden. The White House press corps wrote:

“We once again respectfully request the Biden administration, without exception, re-open all of the traditional venues for presidential remarks at the White House including the east room and the south court auditorium for any reporter admitted to the White House campus.

“The current method of allowing a limited number of reporters into these events is not only restricted and anti-ethical to the concept of a free press but it has been done without any transparent process into how reporters are selected to cover these events. We are all left wondering who is making these decisions and what are the criteria and which they are based.

“We appreciate that COVID social distancing guidelines played a roll at first but in the year and a half that Joe Biden has been president and since such guidelines have been eased we’ve never gotten an explanation as to why the areas that have traditionally been open all press remain restricted.

“For any report or not in the pool that covers the president open press remarks represent the only time most of the reporters who cover the president might be positioned to ask him a question or interact with him at all.

“The inability of the White House to be candid and transparent about the selection process for reporters attending his remarks undermines President Biden‘s credibility when he says he is a defender of the first amendment.

“The incongruity of these restrictions underscores the belief by many reporters that the administration seeks to limit access to the president by anyone outside of the pool or anyone who might ask a question administration doesn’t want to answer.

“Let us be candid. Our job is not to be liked nor is it to be concerned about whether or not you like what we ask.

“A reporter‘s ability to question the most powerful man in a government shouldn’t be discretionary.

“The administration‘s continued efforts to limit access to the president cannot be defended.

“The notion that space is limited is not supported by the fact that every other president before Biden, including Trump, allowed full access to the very same space without making us fill out request form prior to admittance.

“Thank you for attention to these historical problems we ask you to see it that the protocols are changed back to access norms of which we are accustomed,” the wrote.