Wealthy Star George Clooney Wants Bailout For Hollywood Movie Industry, Theater Chains

George Clooney just stunned middle America and is now asking for a bailout of the Hollywood movie industry.

Surely all the big shots can kick down and keep their staff employed without a bailout? What happened to the unions? Can’t they heckle Clooney and others to do the right thing and keep people employed?

Apparently not, instead, George Clooney wants the government to ride to the rescue.  Writing in Variety George said, “Let’s be clear that in 1950 everybody panicked that the movie industry would be done because of television, and then it was VHS, and then it was DVDs.”

“The truth of the matter is there’s always going to be a great space for cinema. People have to get out of the house. I can’t keep saying to my wife, “Let’s watch TV tonight.”

“What streaming has done is provide thousands and thousands of new jobs for actors, writers, directors and producers who are making some really interesting content.”

“It’s given new filmmakers, young people and minorities opportunities to work, so there’s nothing but good that comes out of this.”

“The movie industry is going to continue to carry on. Has it created some different viewing habits? A little bit. But you know the film industry survives these things; it always does. And part of it is because we need a collective experience and it’s still a great date night.”

“Dinner and a movie is still pretty great. And kids still like to get in the dark with whoever they’re seeing. They want to get away from their parents. So young people are still going to go to the movies.”

Clooney then stunned and actually called for a bailout:

“We should be giving federal aid to the theaters. The movie industry, Hollywood, which everybody loves to crap all over, is one of the largest exporters of original product in the United States.”

“I would make the argument that they should be subsidizing the theaters and keeping everybody afloat,” he said.