Watch: Lindsey Graham Gets Booed Off Stage At Trump Rally In South Carolina

The crowd booed US Senator Lindsey Graham off the stage and drowned out his remarks at today’s Trump rally in Pickens, South Carolina. The place was packed and even though Lindsey is from the area, the crowd let him have it.

Lindsey said over the boos (See Video Below): “Well, you want to find something in common? Just calm down a second. This is the place where people pay the taxes, fight the wars, and tell you what they believe.

“I found common ground with President Trump. I came to like President Trump, and he likes himself, so we got that in common. We got a lot of good people running.

“But there’s nobody our enemies are afraid of like Donald Trump,” Graham said.

Easley resident Michael Propes, 60, told the Greenville News about Graham:

“I voted for him years ago, I voted for him last year, but we need to vote him out.

William Billew, 74, said, “Graham doesn’t need to use Trump to get where he needs to go again.

Mike Turnick of Pickens held nothing back and said Graham’s speech was “the low point of the day.

 “He sounded like he wanted to talk more about himself instead of Trump.

“I didn’t care for his speech.”

During Trump’s speech, the former president offered a lukewarm defense of Lindsey:

“We’re going to love him. 

“He’s half and half. 

“When we need those liberal votes, we need him. 

“We know the good ones. 

“We know the bad ones too,” Trump said.