Tucker Carlson Accuses Ilhan Omar Of Scamming System And Media of Protecting Her (Video)

Where there is smoke, there is usually a liberal dumpster fire. And where there is a liberal dumpster fire, you can usually find Tucker Carlson breaking it all down and making sense of it.

Just as he did regarding the new Ilhan Omar controversy. Look, this could be all a mistake and a coincidence.

But, if you have had any sustained contact with any immigrant community (especially from poorer countries), you know they work the system just as hard as any native born.

So, it would not be surprising to find that Omar is, in fact, guilty of scamming the system and if so, she needs to face the full weight of the law.

Look at it this way – getting asylum or a green card here is like winning the lottery. If you had the power to give your loved ones winning lottery tickets too, would you?

From The Gateway Pundit: Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar refuses to satisfactorily answer questions about her marriage to a man who appears to be her own brother.

In early June Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was ordered to pay a $500 civil fine for violating campaign finance law.

Omar had to pay an additional $3,469 fine for improperly used campaign funds.

But the investigation into Ilhan Omar and the findings released by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board revealed something even more serious.

It appears Ilhan Omar may have filed fraudulent federal and state tax returns.

In a 2017, Rep. Omar swore under penalty of perjury while divorcing her husband (brother?) that she  hadn’t seen Ahmed N. Elmi since 2011 and didn’t know anyone who could help her contact him.

But as Cristina Laila reported on Monday — It appears Ilhan Omar perjured herself.

Hidden code on a website however shows that Ahmed E. Elmi actually designed and set up a website for Ilhan Omar’s sister THIS YEAR and is living in Nairobi, Kenya, the same city Omar’s sister, Sahra Noor lives and works in.

The hidden source code was first reported by investigative journalist David Steinberg. (screenshot below of hidden code via the Daily Caller)

“There is no reasonable explanation for this code to exist besides Elmi working for Noor [Ilhan Omar’s sister],” David Steinberg said. “And that’s a bombshell: In 2017, Ilhan Omar swore, under penalty of perjury while divorcing Elmi, that she had zero contact with him since 2011 — and no clue how to find him.”

From The Daily Caller: Rep. Ilhan Omar swore under oath in a 2017 divorce filing that she hadn’t seen her husband Ahmed N. Elmi in six years and didn’t know anyone who might be able to locate him — yet he appears to have designed a website for Omar’s sister this year, according to data hidden in the source code of that website.

The Democratic Minnesota congresswoman swore that she had not been able to locate the man she married — who the Minneapolis Star Tribune says may or may not be her brother — since 2011. She swore she didn’t know the names of anyone in her husband’s family and that the two had no mutual acquaintances who might know how to contact him.

According to Elmi’s Facebook profile, after attending college in North Dakota he moved to England and then to Nairobi, Kenya — the same city where Omar’s sister, Sahra Noor, lives and works as CEO of Grit Partners. Grit Partners’ website code contains data that indicates Elmi was involved in the creation of either the company’s website or its Instagram account