Trump Throws Biden Curveball, Wants To Check For Electronic Devices in Candidates’ Ears

President Trump and his team just threw Joe Biden a curveball ahead of the all-important first debate tonight in Cleveland.

Trump wants a third party to check each candidate to make sure they do not have any electronic devices in their ears.

Biden’s team also wants to make some last-minute changes – they want a couple of breaks during the scheduled debate. Trump’s team says they do not need the breaks.

From Fox News:

Fox News has learned that the president’s re-election campaign wants the Biden campaign to allow a third party to inspect the ears of each debater for electronic devices or transmitters. The president has consented to this kind of inspection, but Biden has not, so far, sources said.

Over the last several weeks, the former vice president’s campaign has also requested two breaks — one every 30 minutes — to break up the 90-minute commercial-free program. But that request has been denied by their Trump counterparts, Fox News is told.

A Trump campaign source told Fox News that “our guy doesn’t need breaks. He gives 90-minute speeches all the time.”

And the source says that the negotiations are still on-going for Tuesday’s night’s debate — as well as the remaining two showdowns between Biden and Trump.

Fox News is reaching out to the Commission on Presidential debates – the bipartisan organization that for more than three decades has organized and produced the debates – for a response to the requests from the two campaigns.