Trump Rips NBA For Turning League Into Political Organization: “Not a good thing”

“We will put out the fire. We will put out the flame,” the president said of sending in the National Guard to Kenosha. “We will stop the violence very quickly.”

The question quickly turned to the NBA and the playoff wide boycott of the night before. Trump ripped the NBA for turning the league into a political organization.

“I don’t know much about the NBA protest. I know their ratings have been very bad because I think people are a little tired of the NBA,” he said while meeting with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“They’ve become like a political organization, and that’s not a good thing.”

From The Hill:

The NBA has taken center stage over the last 24 hours over its response to a Kenosha, Wis., police officer shooting Blake, a Black man, seven times in the back. The incident has spurred unrest in the city, with demonstrations growing violent at times. Police arrested a 17-year-old who allegedly shot and killed two protesters late Tuesday.

The Milwaukee Bucks first decided not to play their playoff game against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, and the NBA afterward postponed its remaining games for the day.

“F— THIS MAN!!!! WE DEMAND CHANGE. SICK OF IT,” Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James tweeted following the Bucks’ decision.

The NBA’s decision rippled across other sports leagues, with WNBA, MLB and MLS teams also sitting out games.

“NBA playoff games for today will not be played as scheduled. We are hopeful to resume games either Friday or Saturday,” NBA Executive Vice President Mike Bass said in a statement on Thursday.

The president joined a host of other administration officials who have mocked or criticized NBA players for protesting the Blake shooting by electing not to play.