Trump May Start His Own Social Media Platform According to Adviser Jason Miller

Former President Donald Trump is considering launching his own social media platform according to top adviser Jason Miller. Miller went on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel to break this news and said it may happen sooner than people think.

“I would expect that we will see the president reemerge on social media,” Miller sai. “Whether that’s joining an existing platform or creating his new platform, there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings that they’ve been having on that front. Nothing is imminent on that.”

“All options are on the table,” Miller said. “A number of things are being discussed. Stay tuned there because you know he’s going to be back on social media. We’re just kind of figuring out which avenue makes the most sense.”

“He is going to be acquitted,” Jason Miller said of Trump’s impeachment. “There is no real scenario in which he is going to be convicted, so the pressure is completely off.”

From Breitbart:

Potential existing alternatives that Trump could join include Parler, who the then-president’s campaign officials reportedly met with last summer to discuss Trump joining the platform, or Gab, another platform that has successfully battled blacklisting by Silicon Valley and financial institutions.

If Trump seeks to build his own platform, that would be a massive undertaking and require lots of investment and technological infrastructure.

But with his personality and supporters—75 million Americans voted for him in 2020, the most votes a sitting president has ever gotten in history—fueling it, it could end up being successful.

Liz Cheney was censured by the Wyoming GOP last night but she is not backing down and told Fox News today, “I think people all across Wyoming understand and recognize that our duty is to the Constitution.

“The oath that I took to the Constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment and it doesn’t bend to partisanship, it doesn’t bend to political pressure,” she said.

“It’s the most important oath that we take and so I will stand by that and I will continue to fight for all of the issues that matter so much to us all across Wyoming.”