Trump Holds Firm On Wall, Will Veto Budget Bill Without More Funding

President Trump just shocked the world and revealed he will hold firm on the border wall and will veto the last-minute budget deal without more funding for the wall.

Your move Chuck Schumer. Well, first Paul Ryan needs to do his job and get a new bill passed in the House with more wall funding. Paul Ryan has been such a disaster that there is no guarantee he can get it done, but the signs are good with the Freedom Caucus on board.

From The Hill: Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday that President Trump will not sign a stopgap spending bill over concerns about border security

“The president informed us he will not sign the bill,” he told reporters at the White House after meeting with Trump.

He said lawmakers would work on adding border security measures to the funding bill.

In other news today that was overshadowed by all the breaking news, Trump checkmated illegal immigrants looking to game our weak asylum laws and effectively ended Obama’s catch and release program.

He made a deal with the new Mexican government so that those seeking asylum will stay in Mexico rather than be released here to live here for many years until their cases are processed.

This is a huge and historic change in the way we do business at the border and it will put a huge dent in illegal immigration resulting from bogus asylum claims.

From The Washington Times: Asylum-seekers who crossed Mexico to reach the U.S. will be shipped back to Mexico to wait while their cases are being processed, the Trump administration announced Thursday, taking a bold and controversial step to try to head off new waves of illegal immigration.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Mexico is on board, and will offer humanitarian visas and work permits so the migrants can live while they wait for a decision from American authorities.

The administration’s goal is to keep people from abusing the U.S. asylum system by making bogus requests then, after being admitted to wait for a ruling, slipping into the shadows with other illegal immigrants where they are not able to be found and deported after their cases are denied.

“Aliens trying to game the system to get into our country illegally will no longer be able to disappear into the United States, where many skip their court dates. Instead, they will wait for an immigration court decision while they are in Mexico,” she said in a statement.

She said that should help end the catch-and-release practice that’s enticed a new wave of migrants to make the dangerous trip north, confident of gaining a foothold in the U.S. as their reward.