Trump Fires Back At Adam Schiff: “His head is shaped like a watermelon, he’s a very unattractive man”

Former President Donald Trump fired back at Dem Rep Adam Schiff during his first speech in Washington DC since he left office. Trump slammed the Democrats for falling asleep on the job and allowing violent criminals to run free.

Schiff, most people forget, led the charge to spread false information about the Trump Russia investigation on any cable network that would have him. Trump said yesterday about his nemesis, Adam:

“His head, as I think you know, is shaped like a watermelon. He’s a very unattractive man.” Trump continued: “Our country is now a cesspool of crime. We have blood, death and suffering on a scale once unthinkable because of the Democrat Party’s effort to destroy and dismantle law enforcement.

“There’s never been a time like this. Our streets are riddled with needles and soaked with the blood of innocent victims.

“Many of our once great cities — from New York to Chicago to LA — where the middle class used to flock to live the American dream are now war zones, literal war zones. Every day, there are stabbings, rapes, murders and violent assaults of every kind imaginable.”

“Under the Democrat rule, in Democrat run cities, Democrat run states and a Democrat run federal government, criminals have been given free rein more than ever before.”

“The message sent by jailing this man was that if you’re attacked, you must lie down as an act of sacrifice and let yourself be pummeled and beaten to death to uphold the Left’s vision of reimagining public safety,” Trump said of Jose Alba the bodega worker.

 “The vision is sick,” he said.