Trump Breaks Silence On Liz Cheney’s Committee: “In retrospect McCarthy should’ve put Republicans on to just have a voice”

Former President Donald Trump broke his silence on the Liz Cheney-led Select Committee to Punchbowl News and called out GOP Rep Kevin McCarthy for making the wrong call.

Trump said: “Well, I think in retrospect, I think it would have been very smart to put Republicans on the committee and again, I wasn’t involved in it from a standpoint so I never looked at it too closely. But I think it would have been good if we had representation.

“I think in retrospect McCarthy should’ve put Republicans on to just have a voice. The Republicans don’t have a voice. They don’t even have anything to say.

“I think it would’ve been far better to have Republicans on the panel. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan were great. They were great and would’ve been great to have them. 

“But when Pelosi wrongfully didn’t allow them, we should’ve picked other people. We have a lot of good people in the Republican Party.”

When asked about Kevin McCarthy as speaker after the Dems get crushed in the midterms Trump said:

“Well, I’m not going to comment on that now. But I just tell you that – and I like Kevin very much – but in retrospect, it’s not fair when you have, I don’t know how many people they have on the committee in total, but whatever it is, and you have nobody to give the opposing point of view.”

“Well, I don’t want to comment on that now. But you and I will talk at some point in the future,” he said when asked if he will endorse Kevin for speaker.

From Politico:

But how much are these hearings resonating with the public? A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll offers insights:

Fifty-eight percent of voters heard about the hearings held on June 13 and 16, and 38% of voters said they watched or listened to at least some of them.

There was a substantial partisan divide among those who tuned in: 56% of Democratic voters watched, as did 32% of independents and 25% of Republicans.

Just 38% of voters said they heard “a lot” or “some” about retired Judge J. MICHAEL LUTTIG’s statement to the Jan. 6 committee that Trump and his allies instigated a war on democracy so that he could stay in power.

Sixty-two percent of voters said they heard “not much” or “nothing at all.” (For comparison: 42% of voters heard “a lot” or “some” about ELON MUSK’s statement that he recently voted for a Republican for the first time in his life.)