Trump Breaks Silence, Confirms He Will Hold Rally In Georgia For Key Senate Races

President Trump broke his silence and put the entire Democratic Party on notice by saying he was headed to Georgia Saturday to hold a rally for the two critical Senate races to be held in January.

The Democrats need to win them both to control the Senate and while special elections tend to favor the GOP because their votes always come out for those but this year is obviously unlike any other.

Joe Manchin and a few others may not go along with the most radical of Dem proposals but should they win these seats he will be under enormous pressure to cave so these two seats are must-wins.

From The Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump said he plans to hold a rally in Georgia in early December on behalf of Senator David Perdue (R-GA) and Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), both of whom are running against Democratic challengers in a pair of January special elections.

Trump teased his plans during brief remarks at the White House on Thursday, saying he would travel to Georgia on “Saturday night” and might even go twice because of the importance of the races.

Trump called Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, who is running against Perdue, a “lightweight” who “doesn’t deserve to be there,” specifically invoking his failed 2017 House bid. “The other one,” said Trump in reference to Loeffler’s opponent Raphael Warnock, “is either a communist or a socialist.

I can’t figure that one out yet, but he’s either a communist or a socialist, probably a communist. This is not for Georgia.”

Trump’s criticism of Warnock appears to be in part a reference to reports about an event in 1995 in which a church where Warnock was a “junior member” of the staff hosted communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Asked about the event by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Warnock said, “I was a youth pastor. I had nothing to do with that program.

I did not make any decisions regarding the program. I have never met the Cuban dictator, and so I’m not connected to him.”

Pressed on the whether he understood “why people would be appalled by anyone celebrating Fidel Castro,” Warnock said, “Well, absolutely. And I never have. What I’m putting forward in this race is American values.”