Tom Cotton Issues Warning To Nancy Pelosi: “Needs to answer what she knew and when she knew it”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) threw down the gauntlet and put Nancy Pelosi in a tight spot. Cotton is not happy with the Chinese spy scandal and he wants to know what Nancy knew and when did she know it.

“Nancy Pelosi needs to answer what she knew and when she knew it,” Cotton said before adding:

“If Eric Swalwell was briefed about this woman in 2015, surely Nancy Pelosi, the House leader, a member of the Gang of Eight, which has access to the most classified secrets of our nation’s government, knew it as well, that she kept him on the House Intelligence Committee for these last five years.”

“They both have a lot of questions to answer and they need to do so in public today.”

Cotton is correctly demanding a full accounting of this scandal or wants Swalwell off the Intel committee.

As to Swalwell, Cotton got right to the heart of Eric’s flimsy excuse for staying silent: “There is nothing classified about Eric Swalwell’s fundraising practices or his social life,” Cotton said.

“Until he comes forward and has a thorough and complete explanation for what happened he should not sit on the House Intelligence Committee and have access to classified information.”

And he is calling for a special counsel probe Hunter Biden because we all know the Dems will try to close out these investigations as quickly as they can.

“If Joe Biden becomes president, then all those prosecutors are in line to be fired next month,” he wisely predicted.

“If there were ever circumstances that create a conflict of interest and call for a special counsel, that’s here.”