Tom Brady Takes Swipe At Trump While Visiting White House With Super Bowl Champ Bucs

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visited to the White House today to celebrate another Super Bowl for Brady. The last time Brady went to the White House to celebrate winning the big game was in 2005 when President George W. Bush was in office. 

Brady was called out on social media in 2015 for having a red Make America Great Again hat in his locker. Brady said he and Trump were friends but he stayed out of politics.

Today though Tom Brady took a few swipes at his friend Trump. Tom Brady said: “Not a lot of people think that we could’ve won. In fact, I think about 40% of the people still don’t think we won.”

Biden: “I understand that.”

Brady: “You understand that, Mr. President?”

Biden: “I understand that.”

Brady continued: “There was a game in Chicago where I forgot what down it was.” 

“I lost track of one down in 21 years and they started calling me Sleepy Tom.” 

“Why would they do that to me?”

“Then the whole political aspect came, and I think I got brought into a lot of those things because it was so polarizing around the election time,” Brady said in 2020.

“It was uncomfortable for me because you can’t — and not that I would undo a friendship — but the political support is so different than support of a friend.”

“I didn’t want to get into the political thing.”