“This is absurd” Kimberly Guilfoyle Fires Back At Gavin Newsom, Puts Her Ex-Husband In His Place: “There has to be some accountability there”

Kimberly Guilfoyle set her ex-husband Gavin Newsom straight after the California Governor trashed her on a podcast. Newsom went on former Obama adviser David Axelrod’s show ‘The Axe Files’ and took a few swipes at his former wife saying used to be a “different person” who “fell prey to the culture at Fox News.”

Gavin said: “She was a different person. She was working for a progressive district attorney. We were close to Kamala Harris, she knew her well, and she was spending a lot of time in Democratic circles.

“She had her ambition, I just got elected mayor, and days after I was elected mayor, she moved to New York for a Court TV gig, and then eventually Fox. She fell prey, I think, to the culture at Fox in a deep way. (See video below)

“She would disagree with that assessment, she would perhaps suggest that she found the light.”

Guilfoyle fired back telling Charlie Kirk:

“This is absurd. 

“You’ve known me a long time. Have you ever seen me to be someone that is led by others?

“Like in some cult mentality that I would like? ‘Oh, I fell prey to the culture at Fox.’ 

“No, I have been a proud Republican and conservative, registering as a Republican at 18 years of age attending UC Davis, which has gone a little crazy, and registering as a member of the young Republicans party there. 

“And they matched me up with a woman that rivals me for being about as conservative and to the right as I am.

“Gavin knows this.

“I didn’t change. He did. 

“He used to be so proud to fight for small businesses, for entrepreneurs, for those hardworking men and women, and he’s fallen prey to the left, the radical left that is pushing him so far to the left that it’s unrecognizable.

“This is somebody who was a small business owner who worked very hard to try to bring those jobs and energy to San Francisco and not penalized people with small businesses.

“Now as governor of California, he is destroying them. 

“There has to be some accountability there.

“Just looking at Gavin Newsom, he seems to be more ambitious than Lucifer. Do you think he’s gonna run for President?” Kirk asked.

“Tell us how you really think,” Guilfoyle said laughing.

“Do I think — I know he is gonna run for president!

“He’s always wanted to be president of the United States.

“You know, this is something that he wants very badly, and I’ll tell you something. 

“I think you are going to see Gavin Newsom versus Donald J. Trump running against each other for president, father-in-law and ex-husband,” Guilfoyle said.