“They said they were trying to kill us”: Chicago Couple Attacked By Mob Overrule Lori Lightfoot

A Chicago couple beaten and robbed by a mob of teenagers broke their silence after a video went viral of the attack. Mayor Lori Lightfoot downplayed the three days of riots saying it was incorrect to call it mayhem while mayor-elect Brandon Johnson said don’t demonize the mob. 

But the couple, year-old Ashley and 22-year-old DJ, are not having it and went public to overrule Lightfoot and Johnson. Ashley said:  “They said they were going to kill us.

“They turned around and started fighting. I got pushed down to the ground and the whole group went to DJ and not to me. I have a whole lot less injuries than he does because I was more of a bystander than anything. 

“But everyone went for him and ended up in the middle of the street. They were jumping him in the middle of the street. It got pretty bad.

“We were in downtown Chicago trying to shop, trying to get some food, and were walking down the street and there was a really big group of guys, a really big group of people, guys and girls.

“DJ had my hand trying to lead me through the crowd of people and they pushed him, they pushed me, and as soon as they pushed me I told DJ, ‘They just shoved me.’

“And he was like, ‘Don’t shove her, who shoved her?’ And as soon as he said that, everything went crazy.

“It was very random because all we were doing is we had just left Nordstrom and we were looking for somewhere to eat and we saw that group and they just thought they were tough and they wouldn’t move out the way, just out there being stupid, young and dumb, trying to prove a point for nothing,” DJ said.

“That’s how that happened.”

“It was a group, a mob, of about 60 to 100 people,” said Lenora Dennis who helped the couple.

“They were going to kill that young man,” she said. “They were stomping his head into the concrete.”

“I literally stepped in front of a squad car and motioned them over to see this was an assault on the street in progress, and the police just drove around me,” she said.

“When they came back they were beating the couple again.

At the 1st District police station where she took the couple she said, “I got told by the desk sergeant that this was going to happen, and that this was going to keep happening because Brandon Johnson got elected. That floored me.”

“I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life and would’ve never expected that,” Dennis said.  “If that’s a precursor to what’s about to happen that’s a total and complete problem.”

“I told the couple that I was going to go home to find them some shoes so that they wouldn’t be barefoot for the rest of the night.

“God bless her,” Ashley said. “She gave us shoes, took us home, took us to the hospital. 

“Thank you so much. I don’t know where we would have been without her.”

“Do unto others,” said Dennis. “That’s a mantra that I live by every day. Just do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”