Texas College Professor Crosses Line With Melania Trump Insult: “Wife bought from a catalog”

A Texas A&M anthropology professor crossed the line with a Melania Trump insult and he should be ashamed of himself.

He went after President Trump and the people in his administration but saved a very special and jealous type of venom for Melania.

Say what you will about Melania, you can’t deny she has done a good job in the role of First lady.


Professor Filipe Castro called Trump a fat klansman and dreamed about Ivanka drowning in her father’s “vomit of Pepsi and half-chewed chicken nuggets.”

He also called Melania Trump a “wife bought from a catalog” which you should keep in mind as the left attacks Rush Limbaugh for bringing up Willie Brown helped Kamala’s career.

Castro wrote on Facebook:

“Can you imagine? After eight years of impeccable governance, leaving the White House to a fat klansman with a wife bought from a catalog, surrounded by a collection of savages and misfits, all physically deformed and resentful of their deformities?

Obama left a shelf full of reports done by scientists and intellectuals, on every relevant subject necessary to his successor, and his successor cannot read?

Low-grade depression? She is entitled to a deep, giant depression.

I always thought that this was going to have a normal end, with trump having a heart attack on top of his daughter and crushing her with his fat, and Kushner having to try to resuscitate her (for the money) from drowning in trump’s vomit of Pepsi and half-chewed chicken nuggets, swallowed in big chunks… and now the democrats are going to get him reelected.”

On July 31 he wrote:

“We have a moron as president and everyday he paints the walls of the Oval Office with his own sh*t, and the republicans – including Lying Ted and Corny Cornyn – clean the walls and the carpet, wipe the drool of [sic] his mouth, and pretend that he is normal.

And if he doesn’t manage to start a nuclear war in the next three months, he will leave behind a situation that might lead to one, even before the oil companies manage to destroy the planet.”

Can you imagine? After eight years of impeccable governance, leaving the White House to a fat klansman with a wife…

Posted by Filipe Castro on Thursday, August 6, 2020