Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Let Riot Victims Sue Cities Who Had Cops Stand Down And Refused To Protect People and Property

Sen. Ted Cruz put Chicago and Portland and other failed Dem cities on notice over the unchecked violence and property damage in their cities.

Ted said today he will introduce a bill to allow citizens harmed by failed local policies to sue for damage payments.

“What you and I don’t have a right to do is hurt somebody else,” Ted said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “You don’t have the right to assault somebody else. To firebomb a police car and the loot and destroy a small business to murder a police officer. Sadly we have seen all of that in riots throughout the country, and that has been facilitated and even encouraged by Democratic politicians who have made a very cynical decision not to allow the police officers to protect physical safety.”


Ted continued saying his “Reclaim Act” will allow a person injured or who has damaged property to sue the city or municipality and get triple damages if officials deliberately withheld police protection.

“In addition, any city that refuses to provide police to protection during a riot is denied eligibility for federal funds,” Cruz said.

“It’s wrong and it’s endangering people’s lives and it’s denying the basic civil rights that every American is entitled to.”

“Our national debt is over $26 trillion and we are literally bankrupting our kids and grandkids,” said Cruz about more stimulus.

“Our objective should be maximizing the rewards for working and getting people back in the workforce and I believe the election in November is going to turn on that question,” said Cruz.

“If we are back at work Donald Trump wins. We need to be getting people back to work, not just printing money or borrowing it from China.”

Ted of course is not up for re-election and Trump is and if no more stimulus gets passed Trump will get a lot of the blame.