Team Biden Wants Media To Destroy Robert F. Kennedy Jr For Them As He Picks Up Support Across USA: Report

Robert F Kennedy has President Joe Biden’s team in full panic as he rises in the polls and brings in some big-name supporters.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey publicly backed Kennedy saying he could beat Biden, DeSantis, and Trump. Kennedy had a successful event on Twitter with Elon Musk and got the endorsement of surfing legend Kelly Slater.

Kennedy has taken some very popular positions including cracking down on illegal immigration and ending the war in Ukraine. Biden can’t debate him on these and other popular issues because most Americans do not agree with Biden.

It is that simple. Biden has terrible polling numbers because he deserves them and his team needs to stop Kennedy before the man with the golden last name picks up even more momentum.

So team Biden is going to their friends in the media and asking them to destroy Kennedy for them.

“Even the slightest press scrutiny is his biggest problem,” one Biden 2020 alum said.

“When Democrats see a candidate is anti-vaccination, anti-assault weapons ban, and a quasi 2020 election denier, their first thought is that this person must be a MAGA Republican.”

A former White House official said of Kennedy:

“It is a distraction, no doubt.

“And some could say just ignore it, which is how I would feel about it. 

“At the same time, you’ve got to make sure that somebody is paying attention to it and pushing back.”

Kennedy’s campaign said earlier about the Dems trying to protect Biden:

“Mr. Kennedy believes the American people want and deserve debates. 

“He continues to ask President Biden to join in free and open discussion of those range of important matters which concern all Americans.”