Taylor Swift Crosses Line With New Trump Attack: ‘Blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans’ lives at risk”

Pop superstar and a new card-carrying member of the Dem Party Taylor Swift went too far with her latest attack on President Trump.

“Trump’s calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing clearly: He is WELL AWARE that we do not want him as our president. He’s chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans’ lives at risk in an effort to hold on to power,” she said.

“Donald Trump’s ineffective leadership gravely worsened the crisis that we are in and he is now taking advantage of it to subvert and destroy our right to vote and vote safely. Request a ballot early. Vote early,” she added.


This is not the first time she attacked Trump. She said this a few months ago. From Breitbart:

Pop super star and left-wing activist Taylor Swift erupted on President Donald Trump in a wild Twitter rant, accusing him of “stoking the fires of white supremacy” and warning “we will vote you out in November.”

“After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’???”

Taylor Swift shrieked to her 86 million Twitter followers, alluding to President Trump’s remarks late Thursday where he lashed out at Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey for failing to keep the people and their property safe from looters and rioters ravaging the city in the wake of George Floyd’s police-involved death.

“We will vote you out in November,” said Swift, who, speaking of stoking fires, said in January that she hopes her music would “stoke some fires politically.”

A search of Taylor Swift’s social media did not turn up the pop star mentioning George Floyd.

The Grammy-winner went from years of silence on political issues to using her vast social media following to spread conspiracy theories about Republican-backed legislation and to promote Democrat candidates she believes can beat Republicans pushing “sinister” legislation in future elections.