Susan Rice Crosses Line With Vulgar Trump Insult After POTUS Pulls Out Of Yankee Game: “What’s the matter, can’t get it up?’

Susan Rice wants to be Joe Biden’s VP pick. So she is out in front leading the attacks on President Trump as any good VP would do.

Rice is of course tarnished from Benghazi and unless Biden’s people are stupid, and they do not appear to be, Joe would be crazy to pick Rice and spend the next 98 days talking about Benghazi and the Dems failures.

So when Trump canceled throwing out the first pitch at a Yankees game, Rice tried to mock Trump to make her case that she should be the one.


“What’s the matter, Mr. President?  Can’t get it up and over the plate? Strike!  July 27, 2013 Nationals Park,” Rice tweeted out. Her insult fell as flat as Marco Rubio’s weak attempt to mock Trump back in the debate. Biden and his team will have to do much better.

From CNN:

President Donald Trump said Sunday he’s postponed his plan to throw out the opening pitch at a New York Yankees game next month, extending his run as the only modern president to not take part in the longstanding tradition.

The President cited his “strong focus” on the coronavirus pandemic and the economy as reasons for the delay, but still promised, “We will make it later in the season!”

The deferral comes after Trump announced Thursday that he had agreed to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on August 15.

Speaking from the White House briefing room podium, Trump said the team’s president Randy Levine “asked me to throw out the first pitch” at Yankee Stadium. Trump said he accepted the offer and asked Levine, “How’s the crowd going to be?”

“You don’t have a crowd,” the President said. “There’s no such thing.”

That announcement came about an hour before Dr. Anthony Fauci — the nation’s top infectious disease specialist who has recently served as a punching bag for some in the White House — threw out the first pitch at Nationals Park in Washington.