Susan Collins Breaks Silence On Powerful Note Kavanaugh Sent Her After Confirmation

Maine Senator Susan Collins is breaking her silence on the powerful message Judge Brett Kavanaugh sent her after he was confirmed.

It took a tremendous amount of courage for Susan Collins to stare down the hysterics on the left and come through with a huge vote for judge Kavanaugh.

If Collins went the other way, Kavanaugh would not be a Supreme Court judge and her vote cost her dearly.

From The Daily Caller: Collins’ revelation came in response to a question from Fox News host Martha MacCallum about whether or not Kavanaugh has been in contact with her since the bitter confirmation battle concluded and he took his seat on the Supreme Court.

“I have not,” Collins responded. “I have gotten one text message from him right after it in which he said that he would work hard to make me proud and the American people proud.”

“I felt so strongly that we were really at a critical point for our country,” Collins told MacCallum.

“The Senate confirmation process is not a trial, but there are certain standards that we have to abide by, and if we are gonna throw overboard the presumption of innocence despite the complete lack of corroborating evidence even from Dr. Ford’s best friend, and if we were going to dispense with fairness, the rule of law, and due process, I really feared for what our country would become and whether anyone would be willing to put their name forth for public service. I mean, who would go through that?”

Earlier Collins revealed the horrific backlash she received from her vote:

“There was an envelope that arrived a few days after the ricin envelope and letter that had white powder in it.

And fortunately, the postal service inspector did a great job intercepting it, and you have to treat everything like that seriously. It said anthrax ha, ha, ha. And … it was a very difficult time.”

“My husband and our dog, parts of our house had to be quarantined,” she added.

“A 25-year-old caseworker on my staff who deals with social security problems and the VA and immigration answered a call in which the man told her that if I voted ‘yes’ for Justice Kavanaugh, that he hoped she would be raped and impregnated.”