Stephen A Smith Rips Bill and Hillary Clinton: “Lewinsky was left to pick up the pieces of her life, Hillary ran for office not once but twice”

Stephen A. Smith ripped Bill and Hillary Clinton when talking about how women are treated in today’s society on his podcast, ‘Know Mercy With Stephen A. Smith.’ The ESPN host said:

“Last time I checked the Clintons are doing just fine. Hillary ran for office, not once but twice. Bill Clinton was giving speeches at the Democratic National Convention. Even though he got impeached and lost his law license for a few years.

“What the hell ever happened to Monica Lewinsky? The relationship was consensual after all, but when it was revealed Bill Clinton remained president. Even though he was impeached. Since then he’s gone on to become a noted public speaker.”

“Lewinsky was left to pick up the pieces of her life.

 “By the way, she recently produced a series that told her side of the story, did we really care? 

“Did you see that? 

“Did it resonate? 

“Did it bring big-time ratings where everybody gravitated to the television screen to hear what Monica Lewinsky had to say,” he said.

From The Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton said in a new clip from her new series ‘Gutsy’ that her husband would have never told her about his affair with his intern if the couple were ‘not in the public eye.’ 

The former secretary of state even appeared to make excuses for her husband to keep the affair a secret, claiming sometimes it was ‘crueler’ to come clean. 

‘You have said the gutsiest thing you have ever done is deciding to stay in your marriage. If you were not in the public eye, do you think he would have told you?’ the ‘Gutsy’ host Rev. Whittney Ijanaten, a chaplain at UCLA Health who officiates LGBTQ marriages, asked Clinton.

‘Oh no,’ the former first lady said immediately. ‘No because he was so embarrassed, and, you know, really ashamed about it.’

‘Do you think we deserve to know?’ the host asked.

‘You know, i think that’s one of the age-old questions,’ Clinton replied.

 ‘There are circumstances where telling is crueler than not telling.’