Seattle Mayor Insults Taxpayers, Asks City Council To Pay Her Legal Bills From Failed Recall

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan just gave up the game and literally insulted the residents of that great city by asking for a handout.

She actually asked the City Council to pay her legal fees over a failed recall effort that her rank incompetence caused. Her legal bills come are around $240,000 and she wants taxpayers to pay her tab.

The recall campaign against the 62-year-old Democrat ended in October when the state Supreme Court rejected it.

Durkan also announced that she won’t seek a second term in 2021 bowing to the new political reality. True to form for a politician – the minute she doesn’t have to face voters she tries to fleece them.

From Fox News:

Durkan didn’t request funding for her legal fees sooner because she never expected the recall case to reach the state Supreme Court, mayoral spokesperson Kelsey Nyland told the Seattle Times via email.

As the case advanced to higher courts, Durkan’s legal fees mounted.

In September, the City Council voted 7-1 to pay the legal fees of socialist Councilmember Kshama Savant, who faces a recall campaign as well that it still underway, the Times reported. Savant abstained from that vote and Councilmember Debora Juarez voted no, the report said.

Paying the legal fees of elected officials is allowed under Washington state law, the newspaper reported.

On Thursday, the state Supreme Court issued its opinion regarding its October ruling in the Durkan recall case.

In the statement, Justice Mary Yu wrote that critics of Durkan were “manifestly unreasonable” in arguing the mayor should have fired the police chief to prevent police from injuring protesters. Durkan was right to yield to Best’s experience in police matters, Yu argued.

Yu also said Durkan directed police to comply with a federal court order on the use of crowd weapons, contrary to what the mayor’s critics had claimed, the Times reported.