Sarah Palin Drops Hammer On Kamala Harris, Calls Out Media For Double Standard

“I don’t know if it’s so much a gender thing” Sarah Palin told Fox News host Jesse Watters of the double standard she sees between how the media covered her versus how they are covering Kamala Harris.

“If you’re conservative, you’re going to get beat up,” she added.

“It’s like what Trump faces all the time. It’s three against one: you have the Democrat Party, you have the media and you have the RINOs in your own party that are always, always trying to clobber you.”


“I’m no different than any other conservative, I think, in offering myself up to serve the people,” Palin told Watters. “We expect it. I expect it. And you just deal with it and it makes you work harder.”

Palin went on about the political phonies and said Harris “kicked the crud out of Joe Biden in the primaries. And then – then they hook up as buddies.

“That always just kind of cracks me up,” she added.

“It’s like the illustration of politics that makes people, you know, just shake their heads, roll their eyes and say, ‘God, come on, you guys. Where’s the sincerity?'”

Palin advised Trump’s campaign to avoid the “personal, petty stuff” before she dropped the hammer on Harris’ record:

“They are so extremely liberal. I can’t stress that enough,” she said.

“People just need to do their own homework and find out what their record is and what their view of the future is under a pretty much, I guess you could say, the socialist-Marxist view that they desire.”

“Let their record speak for itself.”