Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accuses Media of Covering Up Hunter Biden Scandals To Help Joe

Sarah Huckabee Sanders dropped the hammer on the media industrial complex and flat out accused them of covering up Hunter Biden’s scandals.

No one can doubt Hunter and his scandals got scant attention from CNN and MSNBC while getting plenty of air time from Fox News.

Would it have mattered if these late-breaking scandals got more air time? We will never know but the media should have to answer some hard questions after this.

“It’s not surprising, but it’s frankly very disturbing,” Sarah said. “President Trump spent days and weeks and months talking about trying to get the liberal media to cover this, and it’s not shocking that they absolutely, not just refused to cover it, but frankly I think covered it up in many cases and refused to hold the fire on Biden and certainly on these business dealings.”

“Look, at the end of the day, China is one of our biggest national security threats and also our greatest economic competitor,” Sanders said.

“This is absolutely, I think, very disturbing and very alarming to see this type of relationship between Hunter Biden and our greatest competitor, our greatest national security threat.”

“That is something that everyone should be paying attention to and another reason that it is so important to make sure that what took place in this election between Big Tech and the liberal media, refusing to cover key and important issues and favor one candidate over another, absolutely can never happen again.”

She also took a few swipes at Eric Swalwell saying he should be removed from the Intel Committee.

“He was too busy, actually, getting things done than to focus on Eric Swalwell, but I do commend House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for calling this out, questioning whether or not he should be on [the Intelligence] committee,” Sanders said.