Rush Limbaugh Mocks Dems Miami Debacle: ‘Another Big Win For Trump’

The Democrats beclowned themselves for two days in Miami and no one thinks they did a good job. No one watching the debacle in Miami thinks the Dems are ready for prime time, let alone run this country.

It was truly embarrassing. Enter Rush Limbaugh to explain how bad it really was. Rush said,

“No matter how you slice this last night, it was another big win for Trump. Kamala Harris tore up Joe Biden. Now, this is kind of amazing to me. What did Biden get torn up over? All of a sudden Joe Biden, who was the vice presidential running mate and vice president for the first African-American president in the country’s history, is a racist pig!

Why in the hell did none of this come up when Obama was president? Why did none of this come up when Biden was running with Obama in 2008 and 2012? All of this stuff predates this. I mean, if Biden’s a racist today, he was a racist in 2008. If Biden was embracing segregationists way back in the seventies and eighties, nothing’s changed since then. Joe Biden got a total pass on all of this. He looked shell-shocked last night.

This is another thing. What did he expect was gonna happen? He’s the putative, supposed frontrunner. He looked totally unprepared for what came his way. And forget staff and forget advisers. Where the hell was he?

So much of this last night was just mind-boggling and to take it all in, in a two-hour compressed hate fest. I mean, they all stuck their hands up, every Democrat raised their hand for giving millions, unending numbers of millions of illegal aliens unlimited health care, stuck their hands up, every damn one of them! For crying out loud.

Now, a lot of people think Biden’s toast, and I’m of that frame of mind too. But I remember these things change on a dime. Do you remember 1984, Mr. Snerdley? Some of you may not. The first debate between Reagan and Walter F. Mondull. That debate is what ignited talk of whether Reagan already had Alzheimer’s. He seemed so out of it, so ill-prepared, so just disconnected that after the first debate 1984 between Mondull and Reagan, everybody in the Drive-By Media and a lot of Republicans were getting panicky.

Then the next debate, with one comment, Reagan ended it and turned it all around. You remember what the comment was? He was asked to jump on Mondale for something. He said, “I will not use the youth and inexperience of my opponent and advantages of my age and experience to criticize my opponent.” The house came down, the roof blew off, and everybody thought Reagan is back.

So does Biden have something like that in him? I don’t think so. But time will tell. But no matter how you slice this last night, big win for Trump. Because the frontrunner was taken out last night for all intents and purposes. Again, I say this with a couple of caveats, but I don’t think Biden was ever gonna survive, and I got audio sound bites of my prediction about this. I think he’s too old, he can’t keep up.

Last night demonstrated every reason why I have never believed that Biden is gonna end up being the nominee, and that’s before you add to it that they’re trying to tag him now as a racist pig. I mean, even the Reverend Jackson dumped on Biden today on CNN. So I guarantee you the people in the Biden camp watching that debate last night were devastated, shocked, stunned, “Oh, my God. Where is our candidate? Where is our guy?”

He was even calling time-out on himself when Kamala Harris devastated him for hanging around those segregationist senators. He said, “Oops. My time is up, right is he was on the cusp of making some great point.” His advisers had to be scratching their heads over that. But here they all raised their hands, unlimited health care for an unlimited number of illegal aliens, free stuff in addition to health care for illegal aliens.

You know that stuff on illegal aliens, I’m telling you what this is. I’ve developed this theory, and I don’t mind it being true, don’t misunderstand. But I think a lot of this — because how senseless is that? Nobody in their right minds, I don’t care who you are, wants free everything for illegals over free everything for everybody else.

I mean, how did the illegal alien community become the number one chosen constituency of the Democrat Party? They can’t even vote, legally. How did this happen? How did they become the most the most important constituency? How sensible is that, that illegal aliens — this is the reason Trump got elected. So these people come along and they make illegal immigrants their number one constituency?

I am convinced that they do this because they hate us and they think that we want to close the border and shut down all illegal immigration, and they just don’t want us to win or prevail. And I think they get so caught up in hating us that they end up adopting all these extremist positions. Not that they wouldn’t hold some degree of these positions. But I think it’s their hatred for us that sends them outsides the bounds of sanity. I really do, folks. And it’s a problem.

I swear — you’re probably gonna hear me reference this frequently during the program today, the amount of hatred and anger that came out of every one of these people last night, spewing such hate in attacking the so-called hateful Trump. Donald Trump doesn’t hate anybody. Donald Trump doesn’t come across as hating anybody. Donald Trump doesn’t come across as angry at anybody. These people do.

There wasn’t one laugh moment last night. There wasn’t anybody with any kind of a sense of humor. There wasn’t anybody that was able to make a human connection. That was nothing but a red meat, raw emotion exercise last night. They were just throwing red meat to the people in the cages, outside the cages. Wherever they thought people wanted red meat, they were tossing it. There wasn’t any humanity last night to speak of. There wasn’t any sense of humor.

So don’t worry; we’re not gonna ruin things by giving them tips on how to change. ‘Cause they won’t. They’re so stuck in this mind-numbed hatred and anger. What are they so afraid of to pander like this? Biden and Crazy Bernie. Yeah, I’ll tell you, folks, I’m 68. I hope I never, never come off as bitter and angry and sourpuss as every one of these people was last night. And let me tell you this. People who are being honest with themselves on the left realize what a disaster this was.

There was nothing about this last night that said, “Come join us.” This was nothing about this last night that said, “We’re your team. You want to be with us, we’re the champions, we’re gonna win, you want to be with us when that happens.” There was none of that. These people were scary last night. They were shrill. They were angry. They were out of control.

Even Joe Scarborough, who now hates Republicans because he hates Trump, was talking about he hoped that nobody saw this last night, it was so bad,” Rush said.