Rosie O’Donnell Trashes Joe Biden: ‘Antiquated, Time Has Passed’

Rosie O’Donnell really is a piece of work. She just took a few cheap shots at Joe Biden basically trashing him for not being 35.

Look, the ageism from the left has to stop – Americans live longer, are healthier and active, and are able to work much longer than before.

Some seniors have no choice and continue to work well past the age of retirement  – in other words, 70 is the new 50 and show some respect, Rosie.

“I think that Joe Biden should say, ‘I’m going to sit this one out. I’m going to be an elder statesman and I’m gonna advise,'” O’Donnell said Tuesday night during a CNN interview.

“And then whoever is the nominee, I think, should think about how to best use somebody with the experience that Joe Biden has and all these years in politics But he’s not the future of the Democratic Party and I think we have now until we get a nominee to figure out who that person is. And in my opinion, it’s either Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris.”

“I’m really for Elizabeth Warren. I think her plans that she has for just about everything and all that she did with the big banks and corporate shakedowns,” O’Donnell added.

“She was a leader in so many ways and still is and I think she is formidable against Trump and all of the money that she’s raised from non-lobbys. It’s pretty astounding to me what she’s been able to do.”

She hi Biden saying he was not more electable than Trump:

“He’s antiquated in a lot of his thinking, a lot of his beliefs, a lot of his history is a long time ago,” she told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. ”

And I feel like it is time to pass the torch as [former 2020 candidate] Eric Swalwell said. It is time to pass the torch.”

“I don’t think 80 years old is an age to be starting a presidential job. I think you have to be 35 and there should an ending point … Your time has passed in terms of being president of the United States. That’s my personal opinion.”