Ron DeSantis Rips Hillary Clinton For Never Accepting Trump: “I mean, Hillary the last week of the election was saying Putin stole it”

Gov. Ron DeSantis said that President-elect Joe Biden’s win of the Electoral College could hurt Florida as he had a very close relationship with President Trump.

He said Trump was one call away and that helped get much-needed medical supplies and he admitted he will not have that kind of access with Joe Biden.

The Florida governor called Trump’s loss “unfortunate” before he unloaded on Hillary Clinton for never accepting Trump during his four years.

He said to devastating effect:

“I can tell you that I think a lot of the frustration for folks that supported the president was that we were four years with people not accepting him.”

“I mean, Hillary Clinton the last week of the election was saying Putin stole it, and I just think that that’s left a lot of people really frustrated with how it’s going to go.”

He added, “The president has been one hell of an ally for this state. I can tell you that.”

“It’s funny because these hospitals, we’ve really supported them. If they needed something, we got it to them.”

“I was like, ‘Well, I may not be a phone call away from getting everything done soon.’ So, it’s unfortunate, I think, for Florida.”

“It’s not for me to do,” DeSantis said of Biden’s win.

“Here’s what I would say. We did our thing in Florida, and the Electoral College voted. What’s going to happen is going to happen.”