Ron DeSantis’ 100% Vindicated After Smear Job Backfires And Accuser Faces Charges

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been vindicated after another smear job backfired, but where does he go to get his reputation back or his apology from the media outlets who ran the story?

The corporate media ran with the story because they are political hacks masquerading as journalists and because it made DeSantis a villain. A know-nothing villain who was killing his own people and doctoring COVID data to cover up his malfeasance. That’s the narrative the corporate media painted but it was entirely false.

Instead, a disgruntled employee named Rebekah Jones, who knew she could dupe MSNBC into making her a star, did just that. It worked. She is now running against Matt Gaetz for Congress but she may be running from a prison cell because she was caught and now faces charges.

No word on when the media will apologize to DeSantis but they should.

Jerry Dunleavy, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, said:

“Florida Department of Health’s Office of Inspector General report on claims by Rebekah Jones concluded that two of her allegations were “unsubstantiated”, another allegation was “unfounded”, and three officials she accused of wrongdoing were “exonerated.”

NBC reporter Marc Caputo broke down the scandal:

“Fired FL health worker Rebekah Jones’s claims that officials directed her to falsify COVID data or misrepresent it online have “insufficient evidence,” according to the Dept’s IG which “exonerated” officials in another claim

“Last year, the same IG had said Jones qualified for “whistleblower” protection. Now it finds her claims are unsubstantiated

“There was lots of media coverage about that prelim finding.”

He then breaks down the final report on what she did:

Spread unfounded COVID ‘disinformation’

Attacked real epidemiologists who noted that

Was booted from Twitter

Faces a felony computer crime charge

Faces a stalking charge

Is running against Rep. Matt Gaetz