Roger Stone Breaks Silence: “I will do anything necessary to elect Trump short of breaking the law”

Roger Stone just broke his silence and put Joe Biden and the Democrats on notice. Stone says he will not go quietly into the good night but instead will work to re-elect President Trump.

Say what you will about Stone and his methods, but he is a very effective political operative.

He does the dirty work when needed and does not care for the limelight preferring to work in the shadows if that is how he can be best employed.

Look, politics is a dirty, dirty business and anyone who says otherwise is lying. You need people like Roger Stone who will not back down and will take the fight to the other side.

Stone has been doing this his entire career and that he is back in the game for Trump is not good news for the left.

Stone has been working for presidential campaigns since Nixon in 1968 left Biden with this to think about: “Who do you know who’s been through more presidential campaigns than me?”

From Axios:

“I’m asthmatic,” said Stone, 67. “Sending me to a prison where I could not be socially distanced … would, I think, be a death sentence.”

Stone said he’ll continue to follow one of his “Stone’s Rules”: “I will do anything necessary to elect my candidate, short of breaking the law.”

“First, I’m going to write a book about this entire ordeal to, once and for all, put to bed the myth of Russian collusion.”

I asked Stone about Peter Baker’s New York Times analysis saying that in keeping Stone out of prison, Trump crossed a line that even Richard Nixon “in the depths of Watergate dared not cross. … Nixon resigned … without using his pardon pen.”

Stone replied that the Friday evening commutation — for obstruction, witness tampering and false statements to Congress — shows Trump “has an enormous sense of fairness and justice and mercy.”

Stone flatly predicted Trump will win, despite the bleak outlook:

“It’ll be a very tough fight. He’s got three obstacles: voter fraud … internet censorship, which I have just recently experienced myself; and, of course, the constant falsehoods being pushed by the corporate-owned mainstream media. Those all make it a difficult race.”

“But he is a great campaigner. He’s a great communicator.”

When I asked Stone how he can be so sure Trump will win, he said: “I know more about it than anybody else.”