Reporter Robbed At Gunpoint During New Round Of Minneapolis Riots

President Trump has eyed Minnesota as a state to take from the Democrats in 2020. The last poll from Minnesota was shockingly close so he is right in going after this state.

If he wins the state it will be devastating to Biden if the race is close. Most predict the race will be close and will end up in the courts so Minnesota will be key.

And last night a new round of riots set off in that town and that is not good for the Dems. Most people have sympathy for the protesters and have none for the looters.

That the Dems could not tell the difference and allowed both to go unchecked at times will come back to haunt them in November.

It is already showing up in the polls and if the race is tight this could be a key issue. Last night a Daily Caller reporter, a conservative outlet founded by Tucker Carlson, was robbed at gunpoint in Minneapolis.

From The Daily Caller:

Daily Caller contributor Kyle Hooten was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night in Minneapolis as looting and violence resumed after a homicide suspect committed suicide while evading police.

Hooten said that he was walking away from Nicollet Mall, where rioting had broken out, around 9:30 p.m. when two men approached him and asked why he needed a bulletproof vest. After they continued to follow him and ask about the vest, Hooten turned around and said, “well, people get shot out here.”

The two men were standing in front of him and behind him, and the man in front reportedly said, “White boys don’t need a bulletproof vest, you’re not the ones getting shot.” Both men then grabbed his backpack and his vest, at which time a small crowd gathered.

After his vest was stolen, Hooten attempted to keep the second man from stealing his backpack before the man said, “Hey, give me the gun.” The other man lifted up his shirt to reveal the firearm, at which point the first man took his backpack.