Reba McEntire Brings Down House With Performance At Bush’s Houston Funeral (Video)

Source: Twitter

Reba McEntire brought former President George W Bush to tears with her performance at his father’s George H.W. Bush’s funeral in Houston today.

The Texas community came out in droves for this special ceremony as did the entire and very large Bush clan.

The grandkids all gave moving speeches and celebrities brought tears to the eyes of those in attendance with poignant performances.


From The Daily Mail: McEntire sang ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ during the service at the St. Martin’s Episcopal Church where the late George H.W. Bush and his family worshiped for decades.

The younger Bush could be seen wiping away tears during her performance.  Moments earlier, The Oak Ridge Boys performed an acappella version of ‘Amazing Grace’.

They recalled meeting Bush at the White House when he was vice president in the 80s.

‘Would you sing me a few songs, I’m a big fan,’ they said of their interaction.

‘For decades we sang for him’ before adding that they would sing again for him at the service. 

The band also joked that their friend, the 41st president, had fancied himself to be a good bass singer – but clarified that ‘he was not’.

The response drew laughter from mourners, including his son’s George W. and Jeb Bush who were seated in the front row. 

Bush was a noted fan of country music and had developed a close friendship with both McEntire and The Oak Ridge Boys over the years.  

From Fox News:America’s final farewell to George H.W. Bush shifted to Texas on Thursday, with his friend and former Secretary of State James Baker addressing him as “Jefe,” Spanish for “boss,” and celebrating him as a president with “the courage of a warrior but the greater courage of a peacemaker.”

Baker fought back tears as he concluded his eulogy.

Country music’s Oak Ridge Boys, among the president’s favorites, sang “Amazing Grace” and Reba McEntire offered “The Lord’s Prayer” as three days of official ceremonies in Washington gave way to more personal touches for the Bush in Texas. The night before, more than 11,000 people paid their respects as his casket lay in repose all night at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, where his family worshipped.

At Thursday’s funeral, Baker said, “The world became a better place because George Bush occupied the White House for four years.” He said that Bush embodied some of the nation’s best values, “temperate” in thought, word and deed, “our nation’s very best one-term president.”

George P. Bush, the former president’s grandson and the only member of the political dynasty still holding elected office, as Texas land commissioner, subsequently struck a more personal tone with the man he and the younger generations called “gampy.”

The services attracted local sports stars including Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt featured hymns chosen and loved by the former president.