Protesters Show Up At Sturgis Biker Rally, Need Police Protection To Escape After One Kicks Moving Bike

Protesters showed up at the Sturgis Biker rally over the weekend and it did not go well for them. Initially, it did as the crowd tolerated the flag-waving nuisance.

But things spiraled out of control when a protester kicked a bike as it was slowly moving past and then the cops could not stop the rush of the crowd as they quickly ejected the protesters after they could have injured a biker.

From Red State: This seems to be the only incident that took place, and the Police were well prepared to not let things get out of hand. 


As you can see it looks like only 5-6 Antifa-clad protesters were involved — and about 10,000 motorcycle enthusiasts. 

It is kind of surprising there aren’t more videos up yet, but if this is all that happened then “Antifa Goes To Sturgis” was kind of a non-event.

The truly sad fact is that if Antifa/BLM ever decided to venture out of their safe little protest zones of ultra-liberal cities like Seattle and Portland, they would find the fight they claim they want.

Both sides are willing and able.  But I think Antifa/BLM dramatically overestimate the staying power of their “cause”, and dramatically underestimate the level of antipathy that a large majority of the country has for them, their views, and their tactics.

There will be ground somewhere in the not-too-distance future where the two sides meet in numbers too great for the police to control.

If you watch this – about halfway through – you can see when the goon kicks the biker riding by.

And you can see here the cops escorting the goons out for their own protection.