Prospective Juror Says Trump’s “Guilty Whatever The Case Is, Anything He Does,” Gets Booted From Jury Pool

In a preview of the mess any government agency will have if they go after former President Donald Trump, one prospective juror was booted from the jury pool in the case against the Trump Organization for saying he is ‘guilty whatever the case.’

A New York advertising executive was excused from the potential jury pool in the criminal tax-fraud trial of the Trump Org after she said “there is no chance in hell” she could be impartial about anything to do with Trump.

Trump is not on trial here and faces no criminal liability but if Merrick Garland ever brings charges against Trump, DOJ will find it near impossible to find an impartial jury.  And if Trump haters try to sneak on any jury, Trump supporters would do the same.

“He’s guilty in my mind whatever the case is — anything he does, anything his corporation does,” the 34-year-old Manhattan woman said. 

Another woman was also excused from the jury for being anti-Trump and said she didn’t think he could ever get an impartial jury.

“If it’s down to, can you be impartial about Donald Trump? I think it’s hard,” she said. “He’s such a polarizing person.”

The woman said another potential juror was also excused because she said, “I hate Trump.”

“They’re probably not going to find someone impartial either way,” the woman added.

According to Yahoo:

Weisselberg will be the key prosecution witness against the company after pleading guilty to the tax-dodge scheme in August.

He has admitted to pocketing $1.7 million in tax-free perks over 15 years, including Mercedes-Benz luxury cars for him and his wife, free use of Trump-branded apartments on Manhattan’s Hudson River and tuition for his grandkids’ private schools.

As part of his guilty plea, Weisselberg, who remains on the company payroll as an adviser, must pay back $2 million and serve five months in jail.