President Of El Salvador Silences Dems, Takes Blame For Migrant Deaths: “They fled El Salvador, they fled our country. It is our fault.”

The media has been using a tragic picture of a father and daughter who drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande to paint Trump as a monster.

They said it was Trump’s fault, which was complete nonsense and tried to back up their claim with spurious arguments. They said his changes caused a delay in the asylum process and some migrants became desperate and tried to swim rather than use the lawful process.

It was a stretch to be sure, but that didn’t stop the left from using it against Trump. Enter the new President of El Salvador who just silenced them once and for all.

From Fox News:

The new president of El Salvador on Monday took responsibility for the June deaths of a father and daughter who drowned crossing the Rio Grande in a bid to reach the United States, saying the onus is on his government to make the country a safer place — and one where migration is “an option, not an obligation.”

A photograph from the Mexican side of the river showing the body of Oscar Martinez and his daughter, Valeria, lying face down with Valeria’s arms still wrapped around her father’s neck shocked the world late last month amid an already heated debate about illegal immigration in the US.

President Nayib Bukele, who took office a month ago with the promise of making El Salvador a safer and better place, told the BBC in an interview published Monday his country is to blame for the deaths. He said his government is responsible for fixing the problems that have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee in the first place.

“People don’t flee their homes because they want to, people flee their homes because they feel they have to,” Bukele told the BBC. “Why? Because they don’t have a job, because they are being threatened by gangs, because they don’t have basic things like water, education, health.”

He continued: “We can blame any other country but what about our blame? What country did they flee? Did they flee the United States? They fled El Salvador, they fled our country. It is our fault.”

In his interview with the BBC, Bukele went on to say that while he did condemn the treatment of migrants in the United States and Mexico, it was his belief El Salvador had to “focus on making our country better, making our country a place where nobody has to migrate.”

“I think migration is a right, but it should be an option, not an obligation,” he said. “And right now it’s an obligation for a lot of people.”

Bukele told Sky News his government will work to “make our country more prosperous and create jobs.”

“So if people have an opportunity for decent jobs, a decent education, a decent health care system and security, I know that forced migration will be reduced to zero,” he said.