Popular Chicago Beach Opens, Quickly Closes After Shots Rang Out

The city of Chicago opened its 22 area beaches Friday morning. Hours later one of the busiest beaches was closed after gunshots rang out.

Chicago’s North Avenue Beach opened at 11 a.m. and was closed after police responded to several shots fired around 1:26 p.m.

A Chicago Park District truck was hit by gunfire. A worker said the broken windows were from the shots fired.

“We came by, and then we saw the truck here with obviously what appears to be shots coming through the windows, and we’re like this is creepy,” said John Muldoon.

“There was just a lot of police. 

“I saw three individuals at least that were handcuffed and didn’t really see exactly what happened or what caused it.

“But it looked like there was some type of dispute, obviously.

The cops ended up chasing the suspects through a park crowded with children.

According to ABC:

The shooting brought out a swarm of police from all around, and ABC7 has obtained video showing a police SUV speeding through the south end of Lincoln Park, where kids were gathered.

The nearby Latin school said in an email to parents that students were gathered for is annual Olympics Day game when the police SUV sped through the park.

No kids were injured, but the incident was alarming.