Newt Gingrich Issues Warning To GOP: “The future of the United States depends on the outcome of the Georgia Senate races”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) issued a warning to all Americans on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Marlow started with a difficult question, “A lot of people in the audience are discouraged. I don’t think it’s the majority, by any means, but there’s certainly a number of people who’ve been pretty vocal that they’re discouraged.”

He continued, “They think the election process — if it’s not going to be legitimate — then there’s no point in voting and they don’t want to vote. They’re going to protest in Georgia by not voting. I would like to hope it’s a small number of people, but a small number of people could swing the whole election. Do you have a message for those people?”

Gingrich paused and issued his warning, “My message is very simple. The future of the United States depends on the outcome of the Georgia Senate races.

“If you don’t want a radical left-wing America dominated by left-wing judges with massive tax increases, with a policy, frankly, of appeasing China, and you don’t want that kind of future, you have to go out and vote.

“And then frankly, you have to volunteer as a poll watcher and make sure they don’t steal the election.

“But I think these things are vital and I don’t think we should in any way underestimate how really important the Georgia Senate race.”

Newt drew a parallel between Trump and Andrew Jackson hinting at Trump’s future plans, “In 1824, Andrew Jackson had At 40 percent of the popular vote, but the guys who came in number two and three combined in the House of Representatives of John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay decided that even though Jackson got the most votes, he wouldn’t be president.

“So Jackson spent the next four years attacking them for representing a corrupt establishment and decisively beat Adams in 1828, and really the caused a dramatic uprising against the old order because people were just sick of it.”

“You have to think of two parallel projects,” said Gingrich.

“There is the campaign, which is what the Republicans focus on, and there is the election, which is what the Democrats focus on. If we don’t find a way to have an honest election, the campaign won’t matter, because we will be drowned in ballots that are illegally gathered harvested ballots.”

“These two Senate seats are the margin between containing Biden and empowering Biden,” he said.