Newt Gingrich Details Why Pelosi’s Salon Blunder May Doom Dems In 2020

Newt Gingrich dropped the hammer on the overrated Nancy Pelosi and explained in detail why her salon debacle may doom the Dems in November.

Look, this is a big deal that Pelosi did and the end of the story is not written – people are sick of the double standard.

Writing in Newsweek, Newt said, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi has given us a unique opportunity to perfectly understand the modern Democrats’ belief in aristocratic superiority.

Her recent hypocrisy in going to her hair salon, which was supposed to be shut down due to San Francisco’s stringent (and Pelosi-supported) COVID-19 rules, is just one more example of Democratic members of the political aristocracy believing they are superior to citizens (the opposite of the Founding premise of America).

The American people have long resented the hypocrisy and arrogance by which a political aristocracy believes one set of rules applies to the public and a totally different set of rules applies to its interests and its family members.

We knew that this double standard deeply offended most Americans in 1994, and that is why the first commitment of the Contract with America was to “require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply equally to the Congress.”

In a year when the political aristocrats have been imposing ruthless rules on the rest of us, there have been numerous examples of these same politicians breaking the rules—or allowing their family members to break them.

Speaker Pelosi’s hair salon visit may be one of those rare sparks that sets off a huge fire.

The outrage that the salon owner, Erica Kious, felt at being closed for months and then having Pelosi blatantly break the rules led to a video ambush that will become one of the major events of 2020.

Of course, Pelosi is trying to deflect the focus from her hypocrisy by claiming that she was “set up.” Now—in addition to struggling to keep her business open due to the restrictions—Kious has been receiving death threats from Pelosi’s radical mob. Even CNN’s Don Lemon has called out Pelosi for her “set up” claim.

The arrogance of Pelosi’s rule-breaking is understandable to every person who gets a haircut—and every small business owner who is facing bankruptcy because of cumbersome, overbearing rules imposed by the political class.

This same arrogance is being exercised across the country by other political elites.

In addition to Pelosi, we’ve seen other Democratic leaders ignore or exempt themselves from onerous pandemic rules….

…As millions of Americans have been forced to forego traditional, in-person funerals for their loved ones, more than 50 members of the political elite (including Pelosi, numerous members of Congress and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser) attended the large indoor funeral for the late Rep. John Lewis of Georgia—and Bowser exempted attendees from D.C.’s quarantine travel rules afterward. Again, normal Americans have to limit their grieving rites. The political elite do not.

Normal New Yorkers are told they must limit social interactions and public activities, while Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio goes to the gym. But this hypocrisy goes beyond coronavirus rules.

As violence, looting and riots pour through Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered a police detail to her neighborhood to protect her home and her family. In addition to this, she banned protests outside her home. Everyday Chicagoans have to cope with violence and a gutted police department. Lightfoot does not.

These double standards should form the basis for a privileged resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives. It should state that Pelosi’s breaking the rules brought dishonor on the U.S. House.

Vice President Joe Biden should be challenged to condemn Pelosi’s violation (by the way, his children went to a private school while he also opposes choice for the rest of us). And every Democratic House and Senate candidate should be challenged on whether they approve of Pelosi and others’ aristocratic rule-breaking and arrogance.

This could have a profound impact on federal, state and local elections across the country this November. It can also force governments in Democratic-run states to realign and return to working for the People, not the political class.”

Read Newt’s full text here.