New Report Claims Mitt Romney Blocking Subpoenas Of Comey And Brennan, Ron Johnson Now Denies

In a stunning new leak, a senior Republican Senate source dropped a bombshell on Mitt Romney to a reporter with a history of breaking important stories.

Cassandra Fairbanks writes for a few different publications and she wrote in the Gateway Pundit that Senator Mitt Romney has a lot of explaining to do.

According to her sources, it is Mitt Romney who is spearheading the effort to block Senator Ron Johnson from subpoenaing James Comey, John Brennan, and others for what they did and did not do during the 2016 election.


We all know James Comey is a disgrace – it is one of the few things all Americans agree on and if you doubt it, ask Hillary or any of her supporters.

No, Comey’s disgrace will last an eternity so it is surprising that Romney would try to pull this move now heading into the November election.

As head of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Johnson wants answers and he needs Comey on the hot seat to get them.

He admitted during a radio appearance that fellow Republicans were blocking him from subpoenaing these important witnesses.

“We had a number of my committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” Johnson told radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“Romney was for impeachment. He has been against Trump every step of the way. Now he is obstructing going after the leakers and liars who went after Trump,” the senior senate source told Fairbanks.

According to Kyle Cheney, “Johnson’s committee now says no one is blocking any subpoenas for Comey/Brennan, rather there’s just a desire to exhaust all options to get them to testify voluntarily.”

From Politico:

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chair Ron Johnson suggested Wednesday that fellow Republicans on his committee were blocking him from subpoenaing former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan and other figures involved in the investigation of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and its contacts with Russia — even though the panel gave him the unilateral power to do so in the spring.

“We had a number of my committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” the Wisconsin GOP senator told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who pressed Johnson to identify Republicans standing in the way of a wave of high-profile subpoenas.

Johnson emphasized that he needs the unanimous support of his committee’s eight Republicans to advance any subpoenas — one defection would likely result in a 7-7 deadlock with the committee’s six Democrats. “If I lose one, I lose the vote,” Johnson said.

Hewitt repeatedly asked Johnson to name the Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security Committee who would oppose subpoenaing Comey.

“Hugh, I’m just not going to be naming names that way,” Johnson replied.

“If there’s a senator who is blocking a subpoena, we need to know who that is so we throw them out,” Hewitt said later.