NBA Star Rains On LeBron James’ Parade: “Zero Morals, Zero Values, Zero Principles, 1 Bow Down To China”

NBA star LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar last night and became the NBA’s all-time scoring leader. The media stopped when they were doing to report on the milestone but not everyone was pleased.

LeBron said: “Everything just stopped. It gave me an opportunity to embrace it and look around and seeing my family, the fans, my friends. It was pretty cool. I probably can count on my hands how many times I have cried in 20 years, either in happiness or in defeat. So that moment was one of them when I kind of teared up a little bit.”

Ex-NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom called out James for having no morals or principles and for bowing down to China. Kanter Freedom said: “People get mad when I speak the truth because I’m the only athlete who actually speaks the truth.

I don’t care about your endorsement deals or your dirty money. You can NOT buy me #CCP.

“Don’t expect me to respect you or your game when your shoes are literally made by SLAVE KIDS

38,388 Points 

0 Morals

0 Values

0 Principles

0 Empathy

1 Bow Down to #China

Congratulations to 


Kanter said on Fox News today:

“Obviously, he’s one of the best players to ever play. I play the game. He just broke the record last night, I congratulate him. 

“But at the same time, if you see what he stands for, you know, there are so many human rights violations that are happening around the world that also, you know, he called himself more than an athlete.

“He called himself a, you know, human rights activist or freedom fighter. 

“So I was just very disappointed in him just, you know, choosing money and business over his morals, values, principles.

“He signed with a company like Nike that pretty much used slave labor, sweatshops over in China. 

“And he talks about all the problems that happened around the world. 

“But when it comes to one specific topic, China, he stays silence, and that is hypocrisy. 

“So that’s why I wanted to expose it. 

“I wanted to call them out. 

“And I just hope that he chooses to speak out about not only the problems that happen in America, but all around the world, because you call himself more than an athlete. 

“So people going to ask you questions about it.”