Nancy Pelosi Says Trump’s A Danger To Democracy, Tells Biden Not To Debate Him

Tuesday is the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden and the Democrats all sound nervous.

Nancy Pelosi is just one example. She is in a fight to keep her caucus together as she gets outplayed on the next round of stimulus and the left cannot afford too many such defeats or their base will be demoralized.

“You had earlier suggested that you don’t think Biden should debate. Do you still feel this way?” asked a reporter with CBS News.

“I do,” said Pelosi.

“The president has no fidelity to fact or truth, and actually in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution,” she said.

“He and his henchmen are a danger with their comments, are a danger to our democracy,” she added.

“Why bother? He doesn’t tell the truth. He isn’t committed to our Constitution,” she said.