Nancy Pelosi Heckled In San Francisco As Salon Customers Mount Protest Outside Her Pricey Home

Nancy Pelosi just got publicly heckled in San Francisco by a group of irate salon customers after Nancy got busted breaking the rules.

The rules apply only to the little people and these little people demanded to be heard by the Speaker of the House so they went to her house in an exclusive neighborhood of San Francisco and protested and heckled her.

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jessica Christian reported in real-time from the scene:

“Angry salon customers” gathered outside of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home on Thursday to protest her salon visit where she broke the coronavirus rules.”

“Protesters have gathered in front of Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and are stringing up curlers and blow dryers on a tree after a video surfaced of Pelosi getting her hair done indoors/maskless at a SF salon.”

“None of these demonstrators in front of Nancy Pelosi’s home are salon owners or workers. They’ve all described themselves ‘angry salon customers’ who want to get their hair and nails done.”

“Demonstrators have formed a hand-holding circle around a tree with blow dryers and hair curlers hanging in front of Nancy Pelosi’s SF home,” Christian wrote.

“The tree of blow dryers and curlers has been decorated with an American flag and dubbed the Freedom Tree by protestors in front of Nancy Pelosi’s home.”