MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Crosses Line, Insults Trump and USA Voters: “One in Three Americans Are Racists”

 MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch crossed the line and insulted a huge part of America with some scandalous comments about Trump and his supporters.

Deutsch seemed shocked that Trump has strong support in a lot of the country, as do most Dem pollsters and analysts, and decided that he had the answer – racism.

Donny, who was once a friend or friendly with Trump, believes “one in three Americans are racists” and that is why Trump has such support.


He added another insult on top of that and said these people are “terrified” that America will no longer be “majority white” soon, according to some estimates by 2040.

“How do one in three Americans still believe this man about corona or anything?” Deutsch asked.

“And the answer is only one thing: One in three Americans are racists,” said answering his own question.

“One in three Americans are terrified that this country by the year 2040 is not going to be majority white, that the black man or the brown man or the yellow man or woman are going to come and take their jobs and take away their suburbs.”

“And there’s no coincidence yesterday Trump brought up Kamala Harris and the whole birther thing.”

“That is the only explanation because you can’t even point to the economy anymore.”

“That is it. One in three Americans are racist still in this country. And that’s the answer,” he concluded as if he has any idea of what he is talking about.

“The only thing we can do in the press is vigilantly do not let the parade go on,” he said.

“Every time you are interviewing any Republican about anything, you start with the post office because if we don’t get that right and we get four more years of Trump, you are right, Mika, people like you, people like me, people like Gene Robinson could end up in jail, and certainly we want to stay away from Fifth Avenue.”