Mike Pompeo Fires Back At Adam Kinzinger, Lands Knockout Blow: “Adam Kinzinger repeatedly asked me for job in Trump Admin (Air Force Sec, Amb), and for wife”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo publicly humiliated GOP Adam Kinzinger after the Illinois Republican tried to blame the Trump administration for Biden’s botched Afghan withdrawal by ‘setting it in motion.’

Kinzinger said: “Do not let my colleagues pretend today that Trump and Pompeo didn’t set in motion the Afghanistan withdrawal. They did. I knew Pompeo in the house. He was a hawk on Afghanistan until Trump. He knew better, he owns this as well. Trump Pompeo and Biden all to blame.”

Enter Mike Pompeo: “Adam Kinzinger repeatedly asked me for job in Trump Admin (Air Force Sec, Amb), and for wife. Now attacks our Afghan plan that saw no US fatalities/no Taliban takeover/no Americans left behind. Adam, I enjoyed our work in Congress. What’s happened to you? YOU should know better.

Adam said last August:

“The Taliban has always said that America has the watches, but they have the time. Under both President Trump and President Biden, the U.S. announced that our time in Afghanistan is over, effectively letting the Taliban know they were right, they could simply outwait us.

“And today, we watched as the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban regained full control.

“This is the result of a shortsighted, weak, and utter failure of both the previous White House and the current Administration.

“The naïve Trump Administration legitimized the Taliban by having ‘talks’ with them about peace and openly negotiating with terrorists, while the Biden Administration tried to fulfill a campaign promise without any semblance of a plan or forethought into how this would play out. And where are they now?

“What are they doing to save the countless lives being brutally murdered by the Taliban today?

“This is a disaster, and a stain on the entire nation.

“I am heartbroken and angry by what’s happening in Afghanistan, largely because this was entirely avoidable. I’ve said countless times that withdrawing our troops emboldens our enemies and puts our allies in grave danger.

“And yet, both President Trump and President Biden made their announcements anyway—broadcasting to our enemies that we were leaving and telling our allies around the world that we had given up.

“The reality we face now is sad, and the aftermath will be dangerous and devastating. Our effort to ensure women’s empowerment in Afghanistan will be reversed.

“The possibility that Afghanistan would once again become a safe haven and recruiting ground for terrorists is now a likelihood. And the peace, stability, and security that our presence in Afghanistan assured both the Afghan people and Americans here at home has been entirely wiped out. 

 “Today is a dark day. But I will continue to do whatever I can to help our allies on the ground, pushing for the Biden Administration to facilitate the Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) quickly and efficiently.

“And I will continue to be grateful to the men and women of our military who served in Afghanistan—it will be honored and remembered as a worthy mission, and we will be forever grateful for their dedicated service and countless sacrifices,” he said.