Michelle Obama Throws Major Shade At President Trump And Melania (Video)

Michelle Obama went on Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show and promptly threw some major shade at President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

She used the term “Bye Felicia” which is a major slang insult. Dictionary.com defines the phrase:

Bye Felicia is a dismissive term which can be used in a number of different contexts. Most simply and frequently, it is used as a cold way to bid someone farewell.

“Bye, Felisha” is a line spoken by Ice Cube’s character, Craig, in the 1995 cult, stoner, comedy film Friday. While smoking a joint with his friend Smokey, he is approached by Felisha, a local girl who constantly annoys the neighborhood with her begging and attempts to mooch off others.

After her request to borrow Smokey’s car is met with total refusal, she turns to Craig for support, and, rather than offer to help or defend her, he looks away and simply says “Bye, Felisha” in a dismissive tone.

Michelle went on to mock Melania for bringing her a gift to the White House when they met before the transfer of power.

From The Daily Mail: Michelle Obama poked fun at the Trumps last night when Jimmy Fallon asked what she was thinking when she left Capitol Hill on her last day as the First Lady.

Fallon showed her a picture of her and Barack boarding Air Force One after Donald Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.

He said: ‘This is you, this is after the Trump inauguration just waving from Air Force One. Can you just walk me through what…

‘Bye Felicia,’ Obama blurted out, drawing rapturous applause and whooping from the audience of NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Also on the show, she pulled a face when discussing the moment Melania Trump awkwardly gave her a gift at the inauguration.

Melania had given her a Tiffany’s box containing a ‘lovely frame’ – which she received in front of the cameras, pulling a face indicating it had caught her off guard.

After a few seconds of not knowing what to do with the gift, Barack took it from her and gave it to a member of staff.

Describing her final moments as the First Lady, Obama said: ‘A lot was going on that day.

‘Right before that my daughters’ friends decided they needed a sleepover for the last day. I was like: “are you guys kidding me?” ‘

‘And then there was the Tiffany’s box,’ she said, referring to the gift that Melania Trump gave her, causing momentary awkwardness as she wasn’t sure what to do with it. ‘It was a lot.’

‘So, there was that and then there was the Tiffany’s box. ‘It was just a lot.’