Michael Moore Warns Overconfident Dems, Issues Wake Up Call About Trump’s Strong Base

Michael Moore called the last two huge Republican upsets. In 2000 he begged Ralph Nader not to run and take away votes from Al Gore.

The Democrats were overconfident. Moore told them they were fools, and Bush won a nail biter.

The left all thought Hillary had it in the bag, that she like Al Gore was due the presidency. They both forget you have to earn it in America and were rejected by the people.

Moore saw this early – that Trump was connecting in a way Hillary did not and tried to warn the arrogant Democrats.

They didn’t listen and they probably won’t listen now, so convinced are they that Trump is doomed in 2020.

Moore has been consistently right and the Dem experts consistently wrong so this should terrify them.

From The Daily Caller: Michael Moore warned Democrats about the fight ahead of the 2020 election after seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of President Donald Trump supporters Tuesday night in Orlando.

“I watched the whole thing last night,” the 65-year-old filmmaker tweeted Wednesday to his millions of followers, along with a clip from Trump’s rally in Florida where he officially kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign to a packed arena.

“I know no one wants to waste that kind of time even looking at him [Trump], but not wanting to see the enormity of the fight ahead doesn’t make it go away,” he added. “He hasn’t lost one inch of his fired-up insane base. Are u ready?”

The documentary filmmaker was one of the first people who warned the left about Trump and correctly predicted, after a presidential debate in 2016 between Trump and Hillary Clinton, that the business mogul would win the election.

During the last two years, Moore has been consistent in his attacks on Trump and has repeatedly told Democrats what needs to be done in order to beat him. Most notably, he “appeared on Morning Joe” and said if the Democrats try to run a politician against Trump they will loose the election.

“I think [Trump] is a tumor on our democracy,” Moore explained. “But the tumor shrank last night. He has ripped apart and has taken us to the precipice of whether or not we are going to have the country we thought we used to have or that we were going to have.”

“I come from one of those three states — Michigan — that put him over the top in the electoral college vote,” he added. “Last night, those three states — Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin … all went blue.”

Moore continued, “So, there is a lot of good news here. But he is a true danger … The man is a genius in this area. He’s an evil genius ….”