Megyn Kelly Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Her Sisters Sudden Death: ‘Spare a prayer for my mom”

An emotional Megyn Kelly told her SiriusXM audience that her 58-year-old sister died suddenly of a heart attack over the weekend and it hit her family, especially her mother very hard.

Kelly said: “Something really sad happened in my family over the weekend. My sister died. She was 58. Her name was Suzanne Crossley and she died Friday suddenly of a heart attack.”

Kelly said her sister had some health issues over the lst few years but they were still shocked by the death “She hasn’t been in very good health the past couple of years.

“It’s just been sort of like one problem after another.

“So it was sudden and unexpected.

“It was really hard,” Kelly said of how the news hit her mother. 

“It was extremely emotional.”

“As all moms and dads out there know, this is not the order in which this is supposed to happen.”

“We can’t all be perfect in[staying close to the people you love. But we can make a little effort, day by day, to shoot a text or return a call.

“I’m never very good at that.

“So it’s a big reminder to me at how fleeting things can be and how we get upset over s–t that doesn’t matter.”

Crossley had three children, Christopher, Brian and Emily Crossley. She had one grandson, Brom Crossley.

Her obituary said:

“Crossley, Suzanne Kelly DELMAR Suzanne Kelly Crossley passed away peacefully on October 21, 2022, surrounded by loved ones. Suzanne was born in Nyack, N.Y. to Linda A. Kelly and Edward F. Kelly.

“She was raised in Syracuse and Albany and educated at the State University of New York at Oneonta. Family was the center of Suzanne’s life and she was adored for her caring, witty and wise interactions with everyone she loved. 

“She was extremely creative, enjoyed arts and crafts and any game with family. She played a fierce gin rummy and was eagle-eyed for those trying to palm the double five in Dominos. 

“She loved to make fun of herself and taught her children how to laugh no matter what life throws at you.

“Suzanne is survived by her loving children, Christopher Crossley, Brian Crossley and Emily Crossley; mother, Linda Kelly; brother, Peter Kelly; sister, Megyn Kelly; and brother, Paul Kirwan; as well as her cherished grandson, Brom Crossley. She is also survived by several nieces, nephews and extended family. In addition to her father Edward F. Kelly, Suzanne is predeceased by her dearest nana, Frances DeMaio.