Megyn Kelly Issues Warning To Chris Wallace: ‘It’s too late to save CNN, they’ve already told half the country that they hate them”

Megyn Kelly issued a warning to former Fox News star and current CNN host Chris Wallace and rumored to be soon fired CNN anchor Jim Acosta over the fate of the network.

Kelly said CNN is doomed and it is too late to save the cable news channel because the network has “already told half the country that they hate them.”

Kelly was speaking with CNN commentator Mary Katharine Ham, who recently came clean and admitted she was “quiet suspended” by CNN for criticizing how CNN handled the disgraced pervert Jeffrey Toobin.

Kelly said:

“In 2015, I liked CNN a lot. They’re trying to turn things around right now. People ask me all the time:

“Do you think CNN can be saved?

“Now they have new management and new ownership and I think a new commitment to try to win back some Republican viewers.

“Personally, I think it’s too late.

“They’ve already told half the country that they hate them.”

Ham said she liked CNN at first.

“It was a good time.

“I felt like we were presenting all the possible takes, including those from Trump-critical conservatives, which I was more on the side of, and Trump-favorable conservatives.”

“We were fighting the good fight,” Ham said before adding that then-network boss and one-time friend of Trump Jeff Zucker “was giving billions of dollars of free air time to Donald Trump.”

But Ham said after Trump’s upset win in 2016 Zucker decided that “now we have to be part of rectifying the situation.”

Ham said “the new folks” running CNN now “are trying to bring in people who understand this other part of the country that many people on air in national news media just don’t have contact with.”