Maxine Waters Says Trump Is ‘Responsible’ For Deaths Of People Who Didn’t Wear Masks

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) lost it on MSNBC and made a charge both irresponsible and just plain bonkers.

She is now saying Trump is responsible for people who died for lack of wearing a mask and she openly blames Trump for people not wearing masks.

Even though the same thing – a backlash against masks – happened during the Spanish Flu pandemic, she blames Trump.


And she forgets that Trump has worn a mask multiple times in public and has urged others too as well.

This is why the left has no credibility – there are many things to criticize about the Trump admin’s response to the pandemic.

So when Maxine and others make these wild charges meant to rile up the base and not meant to be taken seriously the end result is no one takes her seriously.

“The federal government should come to the aid of the states and the cities and do everything that we can to assist these families to make sure that there is food on the table, to make sure that our small businesses can remain a business after this pandemic.”

“So I think that the federal government should be a government that the people can rely on.”

“This president has absolutely failed in his responsibility to ensure that everything was being done to assist our families.”

“First of all the president rolled out it is a hoax, and then he secondly rolled out that it is going to disappear, and then he said, you know, hydroxychloroquine would be the answer, but it wasn’t,” she continued.

“So all of those who followed him, it took all of this time to come around to say that masks were important and should be worn.”

“I will tell you that a lot of people were not wearing the masks because their president didn’t wear them and told them that it didn’t make any difference and are probably dead now, and he is responsible for it,” she said.